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Dear Citizens of Wayland,


                My name is Kamal Namou, and I am a lifelong Wayland resident and 2012 graduate of Wayland High School. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Political Science this past December, I have decided to dedicate my life to helping people through the law and public service, commencing with a run for a seat on the Wayland Board of Selectmen.


In the words of Bernie Sanders: "We need a new generation of people actively involved in public service who are prepared to provide the quality of life the American people deserve." When we fail to answer the call, and get involved in the political process – even at the local level – democracy fails. However, when local government partners with a well-educated and informed citizenry, real and measurable progress is easy to achieve!

                With the world we live in today, our bravery and selflessness will be tested more than ever. None of us pictured this world, but it's the hand we were dealt. No matter who you voted for or what your political views are, change for the better is attainable, but it requires rolling up your sleeves and answering the call to volunteer (yes, walking the walk)!  I am running for the Board of Selectman in my hometown of Wayland at the urging of Bernie Sanders, and my goal is to improve your way of life by stepping up to the plate, to serve in public office.


                Every initiative we fund must take into consideration the impact it will have on our residents, young and older.  Infrastructure spending, investing in the services we provide to local residents, and giving everyone who lives in Wayland a voice in the decision-making process will be my platform; I will listen. We can bring our community forward by working together, and my aim is to show that when younger people get involved and demonstrate how much they care about our future, Wayland, as a whole, will greatly benefit.  


                So, how can I be of help to you? Please email me with your concerns and suggestions so I can help assist your cause at And thank you for your support of my candidacy!



Kamal Namou

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