"Being involved in public service has always been my goal. I want to work for you and give back to the community that raised me. We need to create developments that are beneficial for both residents and the environment, we must improve our public infrastructure, and make town meetings more appealing to the community by bringing transparency.
After graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Political Science, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done. Let's make sure all of Wayland's voices are heard. I want to rejuvenate and inspire the youth of our community to get more involved.  I have decided to answer Bernie Sanders call to get involved as soon as I could.  We need to incorporate the needs from both sides of the spectrum in Wayland.  No one in our community should be left underrepresented.  Holding our towns political officers responsible for giving our residents the choice to raise their own future’s and prosperity is a necessity.  Developments must also be beneficial for all residents and tax payers, not just a select few.  This is my way of giving back to the community that helped me.  I want our youth to know they have a voice in this town about their own future.  The people need to have confidence that they can have the power to shape this town into a political atmosphere that includes and best serves everyone’s needs. Don't forget to BULLET VOTE!"
Town Building Resources
Do you think it is time to update the old town building. This doesn't simply mean rebuild the place, but the board of selectmen could look into adding a few more committees to make sure everyone in Wayland is represented. Maybe a committee that tries to find ways to get more people involved in town meetings. Or a committee specifically aimed at helping the youth get more involved in their local town and keep them busy. The school committee also needs to be held responsible for actually appropriating funds where they say they will. The residents of Wayland want to see results.

In the past the town has declared a certain percentage of extra tax money to go towards town initiatives. However if the town claimed that number was 5%, it would actually be 15% of all taxes. So I want to make sure this board stays transparent and hides nothing. While making sure all tax payer money goes to where the taxpayers want. 
"Each year 10 percent of the funds collected must be set aside for historic preservation, 10 percent for open space acquisition and 10 percent for community housing," an announcement says. "The remaining 70 percent can be spent on any of those disciplines and/or recreation. Monies not spent or designated for specific future spending are held as 'uncommitted funds' and are available for future spending in a way to be determined by a future Town Meeting."

Developments proposed should follow guidelines set by the town to protect our environment. We must hold our board of selectmen responsible for taking care of the beautiful nature we have in Wayland. These developments must also have clean means of disposal. We as a community cannot let our water become contaminated. Clean water is a right to everyone. Animal wildlife refuge's must be left untouched and any development on town owned land cannot leave an area completely decimated.

Youth Leadership
In order for Wayland to have a bright and successful future in an ever changing world. I believe the youth needs to become more involved than ever before. I will work to create more opportunities for the advancement of learning on how to be a service to your community while understanding what is going on around them. While also creating more opportunities for the youth. Knowledge is not only key in the classroom, but what is going on in your neighborhood as well.
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